Public Speaking Trainings

We All Grow Latina Webinar
We All Grow Latina Webinar

Speak with Confidence
Speak with Confidence

We All Grow Latina Webinar
We All Grow Latina Webinar

How to Prepare for Public Speaking: guidelines to feel more confident in public presentations and connect with your audience

Type: Group workshop 

Duration: Customer Needs

Support material provided

A workshop for private groups, for companies, organizations in general. Designed to be a guide for anyone who wants to improve their public speaking skills, and moreover for those who want to connect on a deeper level with their audience and feel confident while doing it. After years of speaking in front all sizes of crowds, I believe that talking in front of the audience is just the last part of a whole process, and the training for that moment starts right the minute you decide to talk publicly about a subject; in this training we go step by step since the preparation of the theme,  to the end of the presentation. 

The workshop includes theory and practice for the group, and can be adapted depending on their needs. 

What you can expect:

  • What to do before a presentation.  Where to start

  • Tools to deliver your message effectively

  • Ways to connect with the audience

  • Diction and finding the right tone of your voice

  • Body language and personal appearance

  • How to manage yourself on stage

  • Importance of proper use of technical resources  

  • How to manage difficult audiences

  • Practical exercises





2. Personal Coaching Session  


with Confidence

You can do much better

 Let me help you!

Personal  Sessions 

Type: Individual 

Duration: 1.5 hours each 

Support material provided 


You have a personal project that you want to present to some investors, an important idea to pitch, or you are invited to give a speech in front of an audience, but you have no idea where to start? You are not alone. Very often, is not the content what people fear the most;  is delivering it in front of others, and doing it in a way that moves the audience, what worries them.

In the personal coaching sessions, I can help you prepare for your "Big Moment"  with personalized training for your particular needs. These sessions are about finding your own voice, working on your courage, and giving you some tools to present with grace, create empathy and deliver with confidence and enthusiasm. Whatever you are trying to communicate, we can improve it together.



What you can expect:


  • Revision of material 

  • Support/ recommendations during the creative process

  • Identification of the proper language for the audience

  • Body language and personal appearance recommendations

  • Tools and techniques to deliver the message effectively

  • Ways to connect with the audience

  • How to manage yourself on stage

  • Practical exercise 

"As a realtor, having one-on-one salesperson related conversations come naturally to me. But when I was presented with the task of teaching a first time home buyer seminar to a large group for the first time, I reached out to Sixta Morel's Coaching. She helped me develop an effective way to get my message across by giving me feedbacks through the entire process. I felt much more in control of the information I wanted to share and far more confident with myself. 

Highly Recommend working with Sixta! " 


Karina Polanco, Real State Agent, Bos, MA.