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Hola !


 Thanks for stopping by! Communication is my passion in any way or form. I believe that words have a lot of power, and they can deeply impact our relationships, our daily interactions and the connections that we make through life—on a personal and professional level. 

Either in front of a live audience, or behind the Mic. every opportunity I get to communicate is a gift, and  if I can use my voice, to add value to your project, what else can I ask for?! 

I hope we can collaborate soon, 


 Sixta M.  

A little bit of my story   

I Started working on television and doing public speaking, when I was still a teenager and since then, I've worked in different facets of communications: TV Hosting, voice over and commercials, private events as emcee and moderator. In the entertainment world, I've also done some acting, playing small roles in two movies and in one theater play. 


I really like a phrase that says: "life will test you giving you all together, or nothing at all", and in 2014, it made even more sense to me:

I was in the best time of my career; the year after, I had moved from a local tv channel, to national tv, I was working on three dayli shows,  and I had the opportunity to co-produce, host red carpets, do commercials, etc.  if it involved cameras and microphones, I was doing it! All of this, while at the same time my personal life, was taking a turn too: I fell in love with now husband, thousands of miles away, and at some point I had to make  a decision : I choose to start a family, and that meant leaving my country, my career, my life as I knew it, to start over. 


I moved to Seattle and I knew that my decision represented a challenge in many ways, and that re-inventing myself was going to be part of the process, so it begun! While I waited for my work permit, I went back to school, made new friends, and fell in love with my new "home", Seattle.  And then, I became a mom, and even though I didn't went back to the work-life I knew,  I discovered new ways to still be connected to my passion, while also enjoyed being a stay-at-mom, an a whole "new me".


Currently, you can find me at home dancing to baby shark with my kids, while I also work  with my public speaking clients , I produce my Spanish podcast about real life stories, and perform as  voice actor from my home studio. I am also part of the board of the non-profit  Somos Mujeres Latinas, an amazing organization that  strives to connect, educate and empower Latinas in Washington. 

Anyways.... that was long, huh?  you now how much I love words. And stories. Ha! 



My services  

You will find more details, by section, but in general this are my areas: 

 - Voice Over Talent- Commercial, Narration, Dubbing, Audiobooks, Original voice

- On screen actress 

- Speaker 

- MC and panel moderator 

- Public speaking trainer 

- Interpreter 

- Ghost writer (Spanish) 








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