Driven and passionate communications professional, with more than twenty years of experience. Born in the Dominican Republic and established in Seattle with her family, her love for art and showbiz started early when she trained as a classical ballerina, then became a professional model, and later landed a career in television—her real passion.


Experienced in TV hosting, production of segments and TV shows, bilingual interviews, master of ceremonies, commercials and voice-overs. She also enjoys helping others improve their presentations, as a public speaking instructor.


A lover of flowers, nature, and stories, Sixta writes occasionally about life and the things she enjoys on her blog Gente, Historias y Emociones, and also hosts a Podcast with the same name.

Welcome to my page!


 Communication is my passion in any way or form. I believe that words have a lot of power, it doesn't matter if they are written on a small piece of paper, or said in front of a camera or a live audience; words can deeply impact our relationships, our daily interactions and the connections that we make through life—on a personal and professional level


I am very excited to share some of my favorites ways to communicate, what I do, and how I do it. I will be thrilled to collaborate with you and your brand, but until then, here is some information about my 

communicational project


Thanks for stopping by! 


 Sixta M.  


I Started working on television and doing public speaking when I was still a teenager and since then, I've worked in different facets of communications: TV Hosting, voice over and commercials, private events as emcee and moderator. In the entertainment world, I've also done some acting, playing small roles in two movies and in one theater play.  As a public speaking instructor, I help others become better on their presentations, working with them in the process of finding their own voice and in feeling more confident delivering their message in any scenario that they have to face.



Communication has been my passion for years, this job is what moves my soul and keeps me moving forward. Delivering a message through my words is a challenge that I happily accept every time I can. On the other hand, although expressing myself is a natural act of connection for me, I know how hard it can be for many, and that's why helping others on their journey to overcome the fear of public speaking, or simply guiding them preparing for their "Big Day" is so rewarding for me. 



I work freelance for private events, television, and trainings. Hosting of any kind depends on availability and location. I can work both in English and Spanish.


The public speaking trainings are conducted in three ways:

  • Onsite Workshops  (at the hiring company)

  • Open Workshops  (I provide the location)

  • Online Personal Coaching Sessions (video conference)








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