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! Hola !

Communication is my passion in any of it facets.  Either in front of a live audience or behind the microphone, every opportunity I get to perform is a gift to my soul, and  if I can use my voice, skills or experience to add value to your project, what else can I ask for?

This are the services I offer through Sixtalee Media: 

Bilingual Voice Actress , On camera Talent , Speaker , Emcee, Public speaking trainer , Ghost writer (Spanish) 


I hope we can collaborate soon, 


 Sixta M. 

A little bit of my story  

ok, ok...   a lot!  

I Started working on television and doing public speaking, when I was still a teenager and since then, I've worked in different facets of communications: TV Hosting, voice over, commercials, private events as emcee and moderator. I've also done some acting, playing small roles in two movies and in one theater play. 


Have you ever heard the phrase : "life will test you giving you all together, or nothing at all" ?

Well, in 2014, life really tested me-in a good way! 

I was in a high in my career; the year after, I had moved from a local tv channel to national tv, I was working on three dayli shows , and I had the opportunity to co-produce , host red carpets, act on commercials, I was cast for a role on a movie... I mean, if it involved cameras and microphones, I was doing it, it was my dream!!

All of this, while at the same time my personal life, was taking a turn too: I fell in love with my now husband, thousands of miles away and at some point I had to make  a decision : career or love?  Well, I choose to give love a chance, and start a family. That meant leaving my country, my life as I knew it, to start over thousands of miles way, in Seattle. 


I moved to Seattle and I knew that my decision represented a challenge in many ways, and that re-inventing myself was going to be part of the process, so it begun! While I waited for my work permit, I went back to school, made new friends, and fell in love with my new "home", Seattle.  And then, I became a mom, and even though I didn't went back to the work-life I knew,  I discovered new ways to still be connected to my passion, while also enjoyed being a stay-at-home mom, an a whole "new me".


Currently, you can find me at home dancing to "wheels on the bus" with my kids, while I also work  with my public speaking clients , I produce my Spanish podcast about real life stories, and perform as  voice actor from my home studio. I am also part of the board of the non-profit  Somos Mujeres Latinas, an amazing organization that  strives to connect, educate and empower Latinas in Washington. 

Anyways.... that was long, huh?

Well, now you know how much I love words, and stories. Ha! 











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