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 Communication is my passion in any way or form. I believe that words have a lot of power, it doesn't matter if they are written on a small piece of paper, or said in front of a camera or a live audience; words can deeply impact our relationships, our daily interactions and the connections that we make through life—on a personal and professional level


I am very excited to share some of my favorites ways to communicate,what I do, and how I do it. I will be thrilled to collaborate with you and your brand, but until then, here is some information about my 

communicational project


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 Sixta M.  

A little bit of my story   

I Started working on television and doing public speaking when I was still a teenager and since then, I've worked in different facets of communications: TV Hosting, voice over and commercials, private events as emcee and moderator. In the entertainment world, I've also done some acting, playing small roles in two movies and in one theater play.  After moving to Seattle, I went from working on three daily shows and living near family , to a whole new life without any of those things.  I knew that my decision to move from my country, represented a challenge in many ways, and that re-inventing myself was going to be part of the process. So it begun! While I waited for my work permit, I went back to school, made new friends, and fell in love with my new "home", Seattle.  And then, I became a mom, and even though I didn't went back to work as a tv host, I discovered new ways to still be connected to my passion.


Currently, you can find me at home dancing to baby shark with my kids, while I also work  with my public speaking clients , I produce my Spanish podcast and record voice overs from my home studio. I am also part of the board of the non-profit  Somos Mujeres Latinas, an amazing organization that  strives to connect, educate and empower Latinas in Washington. 



My services  

You will find more details, by section, but in general this are my areas: 

 - MC and panel moderator 

- Public speaking trainer 

- Voice over actress 

- Commercial actress 

- Speaker 

- Interpreter 

- Ghost writer (Spanish) 








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